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Digital transformation starts with people

What happens when you pair transformative technology with human empathy? You get solutions that work the way people do. Empowered’s human-focused approach to software began nearly two decades ago. Today, we’re expanding our horizons to create smarter, simpler solutions within more industries craving a better way to get things done.

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Digital innovation hub

Empowered designs and develops digital solutions that get people from Point A to Point B with ease. We take traditionally complex, time-consuming processes and create solutions that give people what they really want: a simpler, better, faster experience.

Aflac Ventures

Strategic venture capital

Our sister company, Aflac Ventures, invests in and creates opportunities for early-stage companies developing disruptive technology. Empowered then nurtures these startups’ ground-breaking ideas and helps develop them into functional, marketable solutions.

Driving change through technology

Empowered and Aflac work together as innovation partners to improve the benefits experience. As a result, brokers, HR managers and employees spend less time with software – and more time with people.

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